Author Tutorial
A Step-by-Step B+M Author Guide

May 22, 2018 ● author, tutorial

Welcome to Book+Main Bites!

We are so excited for you to jump in and get your author account set up. Please review the information below thoroughly so that you are set up for the best possible results. Book+Main Bites is a tool we’ve created to help authors increase visibility, connect with new readers and ultimately, increase sales.

How does it work? Readers come to Book+Main to follow their favorite authors, but beyond that B+M is a discovery tool. When a reader is in the mood for a particular type of book, they can choose from over 350+ metatags—an exhaustive list of subgenres and tropes. Those are the same metatags that you, the author, will assign to your Bites {see below Meta Tags}. Each search produces a series of relevant results in which they can then choose which Bite{s} to read and when they connect with one, they can click on the Book icon at the end of your Bite to click through to Amazon or iBooks and buy your book.

The biggest difference between searching on B+M and searching on other platforms is the connection to your words. When jumping in to read a Bite, the reader will connect first and foremost to your writing—not your cover, not your blurb. This allows them to very quickly see if you’re a fit. It also gives them an immediate connection to your characters and story, and gives them a greater want than a cover or blurb can accomplish. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us at


“If it wouldn’t go in a book, it wouldn’t go in a Bite.”

Book+Main Bites is THE place for excerpts {both from published titles and WIPs}, deleted scenes, bonus scenes, etc. Keep it short and sweet {think 500-1,500 words} so new readers won’t pass you by. The purpose of this site, beyond giving your base new and fun content, is to find new readers. Give them a feel for your writing, but just enough to want more. It’s critical to understand that a Bite is for content. Bites are not blurbs, they do not mention release dates, rankings, or links. They are content ONLY— you wouldn’t want to put anything in a Bite that you wouldn’t publish in a book.

Bites found in violation of the content-only rule, will be removed by Book+Main and put back into your Drafts folder. We are committed to being a source for readers to discover books and new authors to read.


Each post requires one legally owned image. Use sites such as iStock, Adobe etc. to purchase such images or use custom images you’ve had shot. Or, access sites such as Unsplash, Pixabay, etc. which offer royalty free images for commercial use. {Be sure to check the fine print on any site you access free images to confirm legal usage.} The image should contain NO TEXT. Bites, as you now know, aren’t for teasers, book covers or sales graphics. The image should tell the reader what the story is about or give them the mood of the story. Photos must remain clean—no exposed privates. Please note, Bites found in violation of these rules will be removed from the site. Our goal is to provide the reader with a beautiful reading experience so they always want more.


Book+Main Bites has a three-post-per-24-hour limit. You want the content you share to be compelling to gain word of mouth and organic views. This limit is set so that the feeds aren’t flooded with posts by the same authors all day, limiting what is seen by everyone else. {There is no limit on the number of Bites you can share from other authors.}


One of the cool things about Book+Main Bites is how easy it is for readers to find you and your books. Metatags make this process simple. Book+Main Bites has an exhaustive list of tropes and sub-genres, over 350 currently and always adding more {Want us to add one? Email us at}, for you to choose from. For every book, you’ll be able to choose up to five metatags {at least one is required}. Be sure to choose the best representation for your books. Nothing will be accomplished by mis-tagging. You want to attract the right readers!

Make it easier for your readers to find you {and filter for more Bites from the same book/couple/series} by using hashtags unique to your books ie: #johnandjanedoe, #seriesnamehere, or things like #freebie or #sale to allow your books to be part of wider filtering. You are limited to three hashtags per story and can update them any time.


Each Bite has a flame rating, a heat index of sorts, associated with it. The rating is for the Bite, not the book {to set a flame rating for your book, click ‘edit’ on the book in the My Books section of your Author Dashboard}. When assigning a flame rating think in terms of movie ratings. A one flame would be non-romantic, or a G-rating, where as five flames would be XXX. There will never be an algorithm that hides five flames {although readers are able to set their preferences to a Max Flame Rating Threshold} so please rate your Bites accurately. This will help draw in the right readers to your content.

For more information, click to read our Anatomy of a Bite blog.

PS. Users are easily able to bookmark and save any stories they want to read later—the perfect way to save those five- flamed Bites if they’re not in a place they can read them {kids’ soccer game, grocery store line, etc}.


If it’s book-related, it’s good to go!

Beyond the Bites, we have created a way for you to interact and communicate with your readers and they’re called Posts. To learn more about Posts, click to read our Anatomy of a Post blog.


Your profile includes: a picture, your name, one linkable URL, and a mini bio (160 words or less). There are two types
of profiles: Author and Reader. Authors are the only content creators on Book+Main Bites. Readers are the content curators.

Author Profile includes three tabs: Bites, Post {your Posts and any shared Bites you share from other authors}, Books {your books}. A great way to network is to share your favorite authors with your followers. Reader Profiles have a Posts tab only.


A user’s main feed has three tabs: Bites, Posts and Discover.

Bites Tab includes original Bites from all authors the profile holder follows.Posts Tab includes all shared Bites from both authors and readers that the profile holder follows as well as Posts from any authors they follow.

Discover Tab includes Bites that fit the profile holder’s subgenre and max flame rating threshold selections. This helps readers and authors find new favorite authors. Because the frequency is limited on Book+Main Bites, there should be days where new content from current favorite authors is reduced allowing the reader to discover new authors to follow.

Mobile Footer Tab includes: Feeds, Notifications, Profile, Bookmarks.


Each author account has an Author Dashboard where you will manage your Bites, posts, books and Book+Main Bites subscription. Adding Bites and books couldn’t be easier and if you miss anything, our system will let you know each step along the way.

Bites are able to be uploaded via web only. The mobile platform is to serve content to readers and for interaction purposes only. If over time, we find that there is a demand for mobile upload, we will certainly consider it as a long-range development goal.

Once you’ve added your books in your dashboard, any of your titles can be linked to a Bite via a pull down menu available when creating a Bite. When a related book is connected to a Bite, the book icon will appear at the end of the Bite, making it easy for readers to click through and purchase the title. Currently, books can be linked to Amazon and iBooks. Additional retailers will be added in the near future.

And, you’re able to schedule your Bites—the only time you won’t be able to do so is if you’ve exceeded your three-post-per-day limit and you’re trying to schedule another one for that day.


Want to set up a one-on-one call to discuss best practices, ways to build your following and more? We’re lifelong romance readers and career marketers with deep roots in the romance community and are here to help. Please email us at to scheduled a call.

If you ever have any questions, we’re available at support@bookandmain. Have an idea you’d like to share or something you’d like to see on the site? Email us at