Anatomy of a Bite
The Dos & Don’ts of the perfect Bite

May 22, 2018 ● author, how-to, tutorial

Book+Main Bites is not your average platform. Yes, it is a sales and marketing tool for authors, but we do NOT employ the hard sell. Why? One, readers are sick of it and two, it doesn’t work to connect with new readers. On many of our social media platforms where we congregate as a community, our feeds have turned into teaser graveyards. Readers don’t want to be sold to. They simply want to connect—to you and your words. You have a multitude of spaces for the hard sell. We won’t name them here, but you know where they are. Book+Main Bites is about the reader experience. Give readers a beautiful, content-filled space to find you and discover new authors and they will come back. The feedback we’ve received from readers has been overwhelming—they LOVE the site, they love the functionality and they love discovering new authors to read. The only way we will maintain a space for readers to fall in love with your words is if we all work together to create the best environment for them. To do that, we ask that you abide by the following:


Do: Write something that will entice the reader to click on your Bite. Keep it short. You want the full title to appear on the Bite in search results. One exception—spoilers. IF your Bite is a spoiler and the reader must read one of your books first, you can begin a Bite with that information.
Don’t: Don’t include the book title, your name, free, coming soon, 99c sale, 500 5-star reviews, etc.


Do: Every Bite must have an image. Select an image that connects to your story. It doesn’t need to be sexy to get a reader’s attention. Stand out, be different. Be true to your work.
Don’t: NO text. NO exposed privates. NO book covers. NO solid colors {ie. must have an actual image.}


Do: Share your excerpts, deleted scenes, bonus scenes, WIPs, etc.
Don’t: Bites are content only. If it wouldn’t go in a book, it wouldn’t go in a Bite. NO intro—remember, readers want to jump in and connect immediately to your words. NO blurbs. No links. If you’d like to include your title, you can post it at the end of the Bite.

We have a community of moderators that report what they consider Bad Bites. If a Bite is deemed a Bad Bite, we will move that Bite into your Drafts folder for you to update and send you an email. Repeat offenders will lose their author account privileges. We are deeply commited to the reader experience and will do what it takes to maintain it.


Overwhelmed, or still have questions about Posts? You can contact us at or any time you like—we want to make sure experience with Book+Main is the very best it can be.