Breaking Down the Bites: Reboot

April 13, 2018 ● author, education, how-to, reader

Book+Main Bites aims to be the premier romance book community. With your engagement and feedback, our platform continues to grow month over month.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get the most out of the site. New apps come with a learning curve and we want to ensure the best experience for all of our users. Below you will find a complete overview of the site as well as some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions/comments, please forward them to

Getting Started:

Make your profile yours.

Upload a picture and create a bio that tells others a little bit about who you are in the book world. Have a blog or website? Easily link to your site so others can learn more about you and what you do. Then, find and follow your friends and favorite authors and bloggers that are already on the site.

Navigating B+M:

Book+Main Bites is divided into three feeds: Bites, Posts and Discover.

The Bites feed features Bites from those authors that you follow. Browse through to find and share Bites that you love.

Click on the Posts tab to see Bites that your friends and favorite authors are sharing along with posts made by your favorite authors {cover reveals, inspirational photos, giveaways, new release announcements, etc.}. Like and comment like you would on any other platform.

The Discover tab is a great tool to find additional Bites by authors you may not be familiar with, but fit your preferences. Each Bite has Tags underneath to show you what the author has labeled that particular Bite {paranormal, second chance, single dad, etc.}. Click on a tag and your feed will populate with Bites that fit that Tag.

To customize your Discover tab, go to your profile to choose your favorite subgenres {New Adult, Contemporary, Paranormal, Taboo, etc.} and your max flame threshold {up to 5 flames}. Once selected, your Discover feed will only feature Bites that fit your parameters. If your tastes change, simply update your preferences to update your Discover feed.

Book+Main Bites is the best resource to find what you’re looking for the moment the mood strikes. To find your next read, the best place to start is with search. Begin by typing in the search bar to find your favorite authors or search by subgenre {historical, rom-com, paranormal, etc.} and/or trope {single dad, vampire, soccer, etc.} If you want a complete list of authors and available subgenres and/or tropes, once you begin any search {start typing first}, you’ll see two buttons, one for each, and you can click through to see more. Found an author you love? Click ‘Follow’ to ensure you see all of their newest Bites and Posts in your Posts feed. And, if you have Push Notifications turned on {you can choose to turn on/off individual authors}, you’ll be notified on your phone the minute they post a Bite. Found a Bite that looks good? Click through to read more.

Beyond the Search

How to interact with a Bite:

Click on the heart icon to ‘love’ a Bite.

Click on the forward arrow icon to share the Bite and show your followers what you’re reading.

Click on the book icon {at the end of the Bite, you’ll see a book icon and the book’s title} to purchase the related book on Amazon or iBooks.

Don’t have time to read a Bite? Bookmark it for later by clicking the icon under the photo. You can then see all of your saved Bites in the Bookmarks tab when you’re ready. Some readers also use the Bookmark tab to keep track of books that have yet to release.


What do the Flame Ratings mean? Every Bite is assigned a Flame Rating by the author. The rating is for the Bite, NOT THE BOOK. The higher the flame rating {5 is the hottest}, the hotter the Bite. If you’re not in the mood for a hot Bite, you can bookmark it for later, or simply keep on scrolling.

Why do Bite titles often not contain the actual book title? First and foremost, Bites are not books. Bites are everything from deleted scenes and bonus scenes, to excerpts from both published works and works in progress, to exclusive stories you won’t find anywhere else. Beyond that, we want you to find and fall in love with new-to-you authors. Readers are less inclined to read an excerpt from a name they don’t recognize. In turn, we miss out on many amazing authors and books. This makes it so you’re not judging a book based on the cover {pun intended}, author name, etc. Also, an author might share multiple Bites from the same book. This allows them to customize each Bite to the content it contains versus the book itself.

I love a Bite and I want to read more. Now what? If a Bite comes from a book, you’ll see a book icon and the book title at the end of the Bite. Click and it will take you to directly to the book, where you can then purchase via Amazon or iBooks {more retailers to come in the future.}

We want to hear from YOU! What do you love? What’s not so hot? We’re a new community that’s being built around you and the books we all love. We always encourage feedback and are here if you have any questions. Please contact us at or at any time!